Where To Buy Gluten Free Pie Crust: The Best Places

Last Updated on February 8, 2022

Today we’re going to look at where to buy a gluten-free pie crust and the best places to satisfy any pie cravings you may have. Traditional pie crust is most definitely not gluten-free, as the most common ingredient is wheat flour. However, there are plenty of places to buy gluten-free pie crust, and it’s relatively easy to make your own! Let’s take a look at the best gluten-free pie crusts on offer.

Ingredients In Pie Crust

Ingredients in the filling of the pie can vary greatly. From sweet to savory, for dessert or dinner – there’s a pie for everyone. But the ingredients for the pie crust remain relatively similar. The most common ingredients are:

  • all-purpose flour
  • unsalted butter
  • salt
  • sugar
  • ice water
  • egg (for the egg wash!)

Gluten-Free Frozen Pie Crust Brands

As you can see, there are plenty of places to buy gluten-free frozen pie crust, but which are the best brands to be looking out for? It’s time for a pie crust roundup!


If you’re looking for gluten-free pie crusts that come in a range of flavors, look no further – Mi-Del is the brand for you! The three available flavors are chocolate snap, ginger snap, and graham style. The brand is certified gluten-free, which means its products are 100% safe. When products carry this certification, it means they’ve been through extensive testing and meet strict guidelines set by the FDA to ensure their gluten-free status.

Their Graham Style crust is the most popular and contains the following ingredients:

  • cane sugar
  • rice flour
  • palm oil
  • water
  • tapioca starch
  • natural flavors
  • baking soda
  • salt
  • modified cellulose
  • guar gum

You can buy their pie crusts from stores like Walmart for $3-$5. Check out the range here.

Wholly Wholesome

These gluten-free pie shells from Wholly Wholesome are not just gluten-free – but also vegan, wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, nut-free, and casein-free; meaning it’s suitable for a range of dietary lifestyles. Each pack of 2 costs around $8 and you can pick them up from stores such as Whole Foods.


This product has the following ingredients:

  • brown rice flour
  • water
  • non-hydrogenated palm fruit shortening
  • organic evaporated cane juice
  • tapioca starch
  • potato starch
  • sea salt
  • aluminum-free baking powder
  • xanthan gum

Wholly Wholesome gluten-free pie crust is also certified gluten-free.


Another certified gluten-free pie crust on offer is from Kinnikinnick. Kinnikinnick is a brand that has lots of gluten-free products – so definitely worth checking out. It’s $6.99 for a pack of two pie crusts and not just free from gluten, but also free from dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, and soy.

The Kinnikinnick pie crust contains the following ingredients:

  • white rice flour
  • palm oil
  • water
  • potato starch
  • tapioca starch
  • cane sugar
  • chickpea flour
  • salt
  • xanthan gum
  • modified cellulose

They have a store finder on their website to make finding their products as quick and easy as possible.


I hope this article has helped you to become more familiar with where to buy a gluten-free pie crust and the top brands available for us to buy when following a gluten-free lifestyle. In the future, we can hope that more leading brands like Keebler branch out into the gluten-free world – there’s a lot of us out there!

Do you know of any other gluten-free pie crusts that didn’t make it onto our list? Or do you have your own gluten-free recipe? If so, please feel free to let me know in the comments below. Sharing is caring!

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Is There a Gluten-Free Frozen Pie Crust?

Absolutely! The gluten free industry has grown massively in recent years and items like gluten free frozen pie crust are now more readily available than ever. There are several gluten free frozen pie crusts; many of them available year round, while others only available during holiday season. You'll likely be able to find at least one of the brands we're looking at today in your local grocery store - so good news for all you pie lovers! 

Does Walmart Sell Gluten-Free Pie Crusts?

In short: the answer is yes! They sell quite a few different brands of gluten free pie crust mix such as Bob's Red Mill and King Arthur, as well as stocking gluten free frozen pie crusts from Mi-Del. We'll be taking a closer look at Mi-Del later as they have some of the most incredible gluten free pie crusts! 

Does Pillsbury Make Gluten Free Pie Crust?

Pillsbury are a baking brand that offer several gluten free products, including gluten free Funfetti cake and gluten free brownies. At the time of this article, they do not offer gluten free pie crust. But you can buy their gluten free multi purpose flour to make your own!

Is Keebler Graham Cracker Pie Crust Gluten-Free?

Keebler is America's #1 crumb crust, so you may be wondering whether it's gluten free. In short: the answer is no. The main ingredient in the infamous Keebler Graham Cracker pie is enriched wheat flour. Wheat is an absolute no-go when it comes to a gluten free lifestyle, so unfortunately must be avoided. Although their graham cracker pie crust is delicious - there are plenty of gluten free alternatives that taste very similar. 

Does Trader Joe’s Have Gluten Free Pie Crust?

Yes! However, Trader Joe's gluten free pie crust is a seasonal item. This means that it's likely to only be available around Thanksgiving and Christmas, and only available in select stores. When it is available, it costs around $4 and is worth every penny to get that authentic pie taste!

Does Whole Foods Carry Gluten Free Pie Crust?

Yes they do! The best thing to do is go onto the Whole Foods website and enter your location to find out your nearest store that carries this item. The crust is called Wholly Wholesome Gluten Free Pie Crust and it comes highly rated in the gluten free community.