Does Special K Have Gluten? Gluten Free Kellogg’s

Last Updated on January 8, 2023

Today, we’re going to be answering the question: does Special K have gluten? And taking a look at which gluten free cereal you can enjoy from Kellogg’s when following a gluten free diet.

Cereal is the perfect way to start your day, but when gluten free, finding breakfast can be difficult. Many breakfast foods such as bread and cereal contain gluten and are therefore unsuitable. But does Special K have gluten? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is Special K? Does Special K Have Gluten?

Wherever you are in the world, you’ve likely heard of Special K. Special is a type of breakfast cereal, that originated in the US. This particular cereal is manufactured by Kellogg’s. Not only do they have cereal, but they also have bars and shakes too. Special K has been around for over 67 years, and it looks like it’s here to stay.

Special K is perfect for those trying to follow a healthier style and is often made from grains such as wheat and rice. In the US, you can currently find the following flavors:

  • original
  • chocolatey delight
  • chocolatey strawberry
  • cinnamon pecan
  • red berries
  • vanilla almond
  • fruit and yogurt
  • gluten free brown sugar
  • touch of honey granola
  • oats and honey
  • chocolate almond
  • protein
  • cranberry granola
  • blueberry lemon
  • apple cinnamon crunch
  • cinnamon sugar crunch protein

Special K Ingredients

  • rice
  • wheat gluten
  • sugar
  • defatted wheat germ
  • salt
  • malt flavor
  • BHT for freshness
  • reduced iron
  • vitamin C
  • niacinamide
  • folic acid
  • vitamin E
  • beta-carotene
  • vitamin B12
  • vitamin B1
  • vitamin B2
  • vitamin D3
  • vitamin B6

Nutritional Information Of Special K

You may be wondering what the nutritional value is when it comes Special K. If you’re having a quarter of a cup of cereal, with 3/4 cup of milk, it contains the following:

  • Calories: 150
  • Fat: 0.5g
  • Sodium: 270mg
  • Carbohydrates: 29g
  • Sugar: 5g
  • Dietary Fiber: Less than 1g
  • Protein: 7g

Is Special K Cereal Gluten Free?

As you can probably tell from the list of ingredients, Special K cereal is not gluten free. One of the main ingredients in the Special K cereal is wheat. Wheat is a gluten-containing grain that can not be consumed when following a gluten free diet.

Special K also contains malt flavor. Malt flavor is derived from barley, which is also gluten-containing grain, and should not be consumed when following a gluten free lifestyle. While you may be tempted to enjoy this cereal, it’s best not to.

Original Cheerios Heart Healthy Cereal, Gluten Free Cereal with Whole Grain Oats

Does Special K Have Gluten?

Is Special K Healthy?

As far as breakfast dishes go, Special K is seen as a healthy choice. Not only is it low in calories, fat and sugar, but it also includes a range of vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals include:

  • iron
  • riboflavin
  • folic acid
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin B6
  • vitamin B12
  • thiamin

As long as you’re enjoying Special K as part of a well-balanced diet, it can be a great addition to your lifestyle.

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Gluten Free Kellogg’s Cereals

While Kellogg’s do not offer many options when it comes to a gluten free diet, they do have some options available. Let’s take a look at which of their products we can enjoy.

Special K

  • protein shakes
  • snack bars (chocolate almond and cranberry almond)

Kashi – Does Special K Have Gluten?

  • keto-friendly cereals (cinnamon vanilla and dark cocoa)
  • gluten free waffles (original and cinnamon)

Pure Organic

  • fruit snacks

Bear Naked

  • bites
  • granolas (toasted coconut almond and cacao & cashew butter)
  • grain-free granolas (maple cinnamon, dark chocolate almond, and almond coconut)

Gluten Free Cereal

Whatever cereal you’re craving for breakfast, there are now plenty of gluten free variations that you can try to get your cereal fixed. This list isn’t exhaustive, but simply a round-up of some of our favorites; which we think are the best value for money. Let’s take a closer look.

Gluten Free Cereal

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Muesli

While muesli isn’t my first choice when it comes to cereal, it’s ideal if you’re looking for a healthy, nutritious breakfast. This cereal is filled with healthy goodness such as nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and oats. It carries a clear gluten free label and is made on a gluten free premise. Bob’s Red Mill has a huge selection of gluten free foods; including other cereals.

Nature’s Path Cocoa Coconut Superflakes

A favorite of mine is superflakes from Nature’s Path. Nature’s Path is another brand that has a great selection of gluten free goodness. This breakfast is ideal if you love chocolate. While this option may sound unhealthy, it’s actually full of nutrition! It’s made from rice flour, black bean flour, cocoa, and coconut flakes – it’s a very natural option.

What I love about this cereal is that it’s certified gluten free. When a product is certified gluten free, this means that it’s as safe as can possibly be and must meet strict guidelines set by the FDA.

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Rice Chex

Chex has a selection of gluten free cereal, but my favorite is the Rice Chex. This cereal is gluten free, as well as not contain any artificial flavors or colors, and has no high-glucose syrup. It’s a great source of calcium and contains a whopping 17g of rice per serving.

As well as that, it’s packed full of vitamins and minerals, meaning it’s another nutritious choice. This product carries a clear gluten free label, meaning that it must follow the guidelines of containing less than 20ppm of gluten. This is the legally safe amount.

You’ll likely be able to find these options, as well as any other gluten free choices at your local grocery store, or online.

Rice Chex Gluten Free Cereal

Conclusion – Does Special K Have Gluten?

I hope this post has helped to answer the question: does Special K have gluten? And gives you an idea of which cereal you can enjoy when following a gluten free diet. In recent years, gluten free cereal has become relatively easy to find and we no longer have to struggle at breakfast times.

If you have any other favorite gluten free cereals that didn’t make the list, please feel free to let me know in the comments below. Sharing is caring!