Substitution For Graham Cracker Crumbs

Last Updated on July 14, 2021

Before we start looking at substitution for graham cracker crumbs, let’s take a look at what a graham cracker is, and whether it’s gluten-free. A graham cracker is a sweet flavored treat, usually flavored with honey or cinnamon. It’s made with graham flour, which unfortunately isn’t gluten-free. Graham Crackers originated in the United States in the 19th century and has become a household staple ever since. So why should being celiac stop us from indulging in this fan-favorite?

Graham flour whole wheat flour, which means it isn’t suitable for celiac or gluten-intolerant individuals. It is ground more coarsely than wheat flour, but it essentially the same thing.

Are There Gluten-Free Alternatives?

Along with most other foods nowadays, there are gluten-free substitutions for graham crackers. Not only is there a range of gluten-free crackers, but also some super fun alternatives for graham crackers. Let’s take a look!

Gluten-Free Graham Crackers

If you’re looking for something very similar tasting to the Kinnikinnick Food’s is one of the best there is. They have an entire range of gluten-free goodies to enjoy, but most importantly – graham crackers! The Smoreables Graham-Style Crackers are light and crispy and made with pea starch and rice flour. Not only do they offer the crackers themselves, but also Graham Cracker-Style Crumbs! This is perfect for a cheesecake base, pie crust – or even a dessert topping!

Another great option is Schar’s Honeygrams. Schar is one of my favorite brands since diagnosis, and probably the brand I shop most with. As well as being suitable for us, they’re milk, peanut, and egg-free (amongst many other allergens!) They’re made with soy bran and tapioca starch. I’ve yet to try a product I don’t like! I would highly recommend checking their website out, as they have some delicious recipes to make using their recipes. Check out this Pecan Pie recipe. However, it doesn’t stop there – they also come in a chocolate flavor.

For one of the largest ranges of different flavors and sizes, look no further than Pamela’s Products. Chocolate chips, cinnamon, honey – the range of gluten-free flavors is brilliant. You can find the full range here. For a delicious cracker crust recipe using their honey grahams, look no further! Perfect for cheesecake or ice cream pies.

A vegan alternative, which is also gluten-free is Lucy’s. Her Gluten-Free crisps are free from many allergens, so suitable for almost everyone! However, these are made with gluten-free oats, so if you’re intolerant like me – you may want to steer clear of this substitution.

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Graham Cracker Alternatives

If you’re fed up with all this talk about graham crackers and looking for something a little bit different; we’re now going to look at some gluten-free substitutions for graham cracker crumbs. There are always ways to liven up your meals at home – so get ready for some crazy suggestions! In reality, anything that is dry and crumbles easily can be used


You read that right – pretzels! Blitz those babies in the blender, or chop them finely and you have the perfect crunchy, salty crumb ready. I highly recommend the Schar pretzels. Although I’ve not yet made a crumb using the pretzels, I do eat them regularly as a snack and they are absolutely incredible. I’ve found this yummy mini pumpkin cheesecake recipe, using a pretzel crust. Creamy, crunchy with warming spice – I’ll definitely be trying that one at home.

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Potato Chips

This is one I’ve tried at home a few times, and it’s truly mouthwatering. If you’re feeling really bold, you can crush up some potato chips and create a crumb. This recipe for Potato Chip Chicken is so incredibly easy, requires virtually no ingredients, and is finger-licking good. There are so many potato chips out there that are naturally gluten-free. Buying certified products can be pricey and as many chips are naturally gluten-free, just take a look at the label. Remember to look for BROWS (Barley, Rye, Oats, Wheat, and Spelt).


If you’re looking for a sweeter crust, which is perfect for desserts – cookies are the way forward! You can use any flavor cookie depending on what you’re craving that day. I’ve found this Cookie Crumb Crust recipe which would work perfectly and barely requires any ingredients at all! Recently, Oreo finally made a cookie we can enjoy, so of course, my recommendation is the humble Gluten-Free Oreo.


If you’re looking for something perfect for the holidays, a gingersnap crumb should be your go-to. Sweet, cinnamony, and warmly spiced. It’s great for Autumn time. Quick and easy, with just two ingredients, is the Gluten-Free Gingersnap Pie Crust. Imagine tucking into this dessert with a pumpkin-spiced latte around Halloween time. It’s months away but I’m excited already!



Any cereal can be used to form a crumb crust, but my cereal of choice is Cheerios; gluten-free, of course. They taste a little like peanut butter and honey. Cornflakes are also a great option if feeling extra adventurous. You can find a recipe for a Cheerio Crumb Crust here.

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The Old-Fashioned Way

If you’d just like to make a standard crumb crust using your own homemade graham crackers, you only need six ingredients – most of which are in your pantry already. You can find this simple recipe here. This recipe does use gluten-free oats, so may not be suitable for everyone reading this article.

Substitution For Graham Cracker Crust- An Abundance Of Possibilities

To conclude, there’s a huge variety of alternatives and many haven’t even been discussed today. For example, cake crumbs, muffin crumbs, wafers, and crackers.

I’d love to hear what alternatives you’ve tried and how it turned out for. If you haven’t made any yet but feel inspired to get baking after reading this, please let me know what you have a go at making. Can you think of any other options? The wilder, the better!

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