About Us

Welcome to ClubGlutenfree.com, a place that helps people with a variety of gluten-related conditions live happier and healthier lives. Our vision is to encourage people (even those who are completely healthy) to open gluten-free restaurants in more places, providing independent, reliable advice and support to our community.

The mission of this whole project is to share flavor-packed recipes from around the world while celebrating fresh ingredients and all those who put that food on our table. Thanks to the support of experts and nutritionists, we strive to collect as many science-backed tips and smart stories as possible to help our readers live a happy and fulfilling life.

We advocate moderation and balance, all recommended ingredients are available to everyone, cheap, and above all delicious. Take a look and check out what we’ve been able to achieve over the past few years and remember, no one’s life should be limited by gluten!

Patricia Monday