Are Arepas Gluten Free?

Last Updated on January 30, 2022

Arepas are a type of sandwich made from cornmeal dough and stuffed with various ingredients. They can be found in many Latin American countries such as Colombia, Nicaragua, Panama and Venezuela. Gluten-free bread is used to create these sandwiches while they’re enjoyed by both vegetarians and those who do not eat gluten or wheat products.

The “are venezuelan arepas gluten-free” is a question that is often asked. The answer to the question, however, is not always clear.

Arepas are a traditional Venezuelan dish that is made from cornmeal. They can be eaten as a side dish or main meal. Harina p.a.n., the flour used to make arepas, is gluten-free and has been found to be safe for those who have celiac disease or other gluten intolerance. Reference: is harina p.a.n. gluten-free.

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