Why Are Outback Fries Not Gluten-Free?

Outback Steakhouse is known for its exotic and bold flavors, but many of their menu items are actually gluten-free. With the exception of one – Outback Fries. We explore why these fries aren’t gluten-free despite being fried in a dedicated fryer that doesn’t use any flours or oils with gluten ingredients.

Outback is a popular restaurant chain in the United States. They have been around for over 30 years, and they are famous for their fried potatoes. Many people wonder if Outback fries are gluten-free. The answer is no.

Outback fries are not gluten-free. They are breaded, so they contain wheat flour and they are not safe for those with celiac disease or other gluten allergies. Reference: are outback fries breaded.

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