Does Oil Have Gluten? (& GF Oils)

Last Updated on January 18, 2022

Today, we’re going to be answering the question: does oil have gluten? And taking a look at some of the best gluten-free oils available. When you first receive your diagnosis, it can feel quite overwhelming. While you’ll quickly get used to checking labels for foods, some things you wouldn’t think to check may just surprise you – such as oil.

It probably wouldn’t even cross your mind to check such a natural product – I know I didn’t! But anything that’s going into your mouth, you need to be checking. Gluten can sneak its way into many things. Let’s take a closer look at oil, and how safe it is to consume on a gluten-free diet.

Ingredients In Oil

The ingredients in oil will vary depending on which type of oil you’re looking at. But essentially, it’s made from fatty acids. Oil is liquid fat, that remains liquid at room temperature. This fat can derive from a range of foods such as:

  • Sunflower
  • Corn
  • Soybean
  • Linseed
  • Coconut
  • Olives
  • Peanut
  • Rapeseed
  • Canola
  • Palm
  • Vegetables
  • Avocado

Does Oil Have Gluten Ingredients?

The good news is – oil is naturally gluten-free. So most oils will contain no gluten whatsoever. If there are no additives or flavorings, the oil will more than likely contain no gluten ingredients (although, always check the labels). But does that mean that the oil is gluten-free? Not always. A product that contains no gluten ingredients and a product that is gluten-free are two different things – and we’ll be taking a look at that in more detail later in this post.

Is Vegetable Oil Gluten-Free?

Vegetable oil is naturally gluten-free. It should not be derived from any gluten sources (such as barley, wheat, rye, or oats), so is generally considered safe to consume on a gluten-free diet.

Is Avocado Oil Gluten-Free?

Avocado oil is naturally gluten-free. Much like vegetable oils, it does not come from any sources that contain gluten. Avocado oil is one of the safest and healthiest oils to consume in a gluten-free lifestyle.

Is Avocado Oil Gluten-Free

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Is Canola Oil Gluten-Free?

I think you know where this is going – canola oil is naturally gluten-free, just like many other oils. It’s not derived from any gluten ingredients and you can enjoy canola oil safely on a gluten-free diet.

When Is Oil Not Gluten-Free?

So you may be wondering – when is oil not gluten-free? As I mentioned earlier, there’s a difference between “no gluten ingredients” and “gluten-free”. This is because a product that does not contain gluten ingredients is not tested for gluten. This means it can quickly become a victim of cross-contact.

Cross contact can occur when a product that does not contain any gluten is prepared and packaged in the same areas as products that do contain gluten. This now means that the no gluten product may contain traces of gluten. As the products are not tested, there is no guarantee. This is why if you’re celiac, or particularly sensitive, you should always opt for products that carry a “gluten-free” label or make a gluten-free claim.

For a product to make a gluten-free claim, or have a gluten-free label, it must be tested for traces of gluten, and be below the legally declared limit of 20ppm of gluten. This is the amount that is considered “safe” for gluten intolerant individuals to ingest.

Another reason oil may not be gluten-free is if it’s not natural. When oils are sold as natural as they come, they will not contain gluten ingredients. However, some oils contain additives or flavorings in ingredients, so it’s always best to check the label. If you are unsure or have any questions about a particular oil, reach out to the manufacturer as they’re usually always happy to help.

Eating Out – The Risks Of Oil

When eating out, you need to be vigilant, particularly if you’re extremely sensitive or celiac. If you’re ordering items in a restaurant or fast food outlet, be sure to check if they use a dedicated fryer for gluten-free foods. If they do not have a separate fryer, the chance of cross-contact is high. This is because the gluten-free food may be in the same fryer as gluten foods – and crumbs can get anywhere.

Always check with your server for peace of mind, as they’ll be able to help with any questions or queries you may have.

Gluten-Free Oil

If you’d prefer to buy oil you can be sure is gluten-free, here are some options for you to try.

Chosen Foods

Chosen Foods has a dedicated gluten-free page which stocks a range of oils, in different forms. Some of their gluten-free oils include:

Whole Foods

While Whole Foods do not have a dedicated section, they confirmed that the following oils are made in an area that is not at risk of any gluten contact. These oils are:

  • Whole Foods Market Peanut Oil 8 oz FL OZ
  • Whole Foods Market Organic Sesame Oil 8 oz FL OZ
  • Toasted Sesame Oil 8 oz FL OZ (WFM)
  • Refined Almond Oil 8 oz FL OZ (WFM)
  • Refined Walnut Oil 8 oz FL OZ (WFM)
  • Avocado Oil 8 oz FL OZ (WFM)
  • Organic High Heat Sunflower Oil 16 oz FL OZ
  • Safflower Oil HH
  • Expeller Pressed Grapeseed Oil 16 oz FL OZ
  • EVOO Blend 1 liter
  • EVOO 100% Italian 1 liter
  • 100% Italian 3 liter EVOO
  • EVOO 100% Greek 1 liter
  • EVOO 100% Spanish 1 liter
  • Organic EVOO 1 liter
  • Organic EVOO 0.5 liter
  • Expeller Canola 32 oz. ounces
  • Organic Canola Oil 16 oz. ounces


I hope this article has helped to answer the question: does oil have gluten? And helped to highlight which oils are safe on a gluten-free diet, and which ones to keep an eye out for. Consuming oil on a gluten-free diet is relatively easy, although shouldn’t be used in large quantities, as it’s not particularly healthy!

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