Can Celiac Disease Cause Weight Gain?

Can Celiac Disease Cause Weight Gain

Today, we’re going to be looking at being diagnosed with celiac disease, and if celiac disease can cause weight gain? The simple answer is yes, but there are many layers to unravel. Let’s first talk about what the disease is. The NHS states that, “Coeliac disease is a condition where your immune system attacks your … Read more

Do Salad Dressings Have Gluten?

Do Salad Dressings Have Gluten

Until you’re familiar with the gluten-free lifestyle, mealtimes can be tricky. It’s Summertime, and nothing beats a fresh, crisp salad in the warmer months. And is a salad really complete without something to dress it up? From ranch dressing to vinaigrette, to oil – there’s a lot to choose from. The real question is, do … Read more