Xanthan Gum  VS Cornstarch - Comparison


Today, we’re going to be answering the question: should you be using xanthan gum instead of cornstarch? Let’s take a look at their differences and uses! 

What Is Xanthan Gum?

Xanthan gum is an additive you’ll find in a large amount of gluten-free products. It’s main uses are thickening products and as a stabilizer. 

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Cornstarch is another thickener and stabilizer you’ll often see in gluten-free products, predominantly. Even though it’s derived from a grain; the grain is corn, and completely gluten-free.

What Is Cornstarch?

Although xanthan gum is pricier than cornstarch, if you’re able to buy it, I would highly recommend it. Whenever I’ve used it in baking, my baked goods are lighter, fluffier, and also full of goodness. 

Which Is Best?

Gluten-free life can already feel overwhelming enough without me telling you which thickener you should be using! Whichever works for you is the most important thing – and in moderation.

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