Is Phyllo Dough Gluten Free?


Today we’re going to be looking at phyllo (often referred to as filo) dough. What is phyllo? What is it made from? And does phyllo dough have gluten?

What Is It?

There are many different types of pastry. The two most common being puff pastry and filo (phyllo) pastry. Puff pastry is much more fluffy and contains large amounts of butter whereas filo pastry is quite often fat-free and requires very few ingredients.

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Phyllo dough can be made out of a variety of ingredients but the main ingredients used are flour, water, oil, and/or vinegar. Some recipes also include egg yolk.

What Is Phyllo Dough Made Out Of?

When you pull up a recipe from the internet, the majority of the results you’ll find will not be suitable for celiacs or gluten-intolerant individuals. That is because the basis of the recipe is flour.

Does Phyllo Dough Contain Gluten?

Can Phyllo Dough be Gluten-Free?

Like most foods, it, of course, can be adapted to suit a gluten-free lifestyle. Whereby you would usually add wheat flour, there’s a range of alternatives you can use to make it suitable.

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The Future for Filo

Gluten-free phyllo seems to be an overlooked part of the pastry sector. There seems to be an abundance of gluten-free puff pastry and nowhere near as many readily available filo options.

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