How To Make The Perfect Gluten- Free Russet- Tips & More


Today, we’re going to be answering the question: are russet potatoes gluten free? And taking a look at how to cook the perfect roasted russet potatoes. 

Nutritional Information Of Russet Potatoes

A medium-sized russet potato that has been baked has the following nutritional value: • Calories: 168 • Fat: 0g • Protein: 5g • Carbohydrates: 37g • Fiber: 4g • Sodium: 24mg

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Russet potatoes are absolutely delicious and make for the perfect roast potatoes – with a light, fluffy interior, and a crispy golden exterior. 

How To Make The Perfect Russet Potatoes

Some of the most common varieties you’ll usually see in your local grocery stores are: • russet potatoes • white potatoes • red potatoes • purple potatoes weet potatoes • petite potatoes • fingerling potatoes

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Ways To Make Potatoes

 Here are some of our favorites: • crispy Hasselback potatoes • twice-baked potatoes • potatoes au gratin • roast potatoes

• scalloped potatoes • cheesy potatoes • potato flatbread • fondant potatoes

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Balsamic  Vinaigrette


I hope this article has helped to answer the question: are russet potatoes gluten-free? And also helped you to create the perfect roasted russet potatoes. 

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