How To Make Gluten Free Tamales


They’re a favorite at Mexican restaurants and it’s not difficult to see why. But are they safe to consume on a gluten-free diet? 

What Is A Tamale?

First, what is a tamale, you may be wondering? It’s a Mesoamerican dish, made of dough or masa. It’s often filled with meats, beans, cheese, and vegetables, depending on where you order from or how you make it.

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More commonly known as masa harina, corn masa flour is flour made from finely ground maize or corn and is naturally gluten-free. 

Is Corn Masa Flour Gluten-Free?

Naturally, tamales are gluten-free. The banana or plantain leaves, and the corn husks are naturally gluten-free. However, the filling is often the problem.

Are Tamales Gluten-Free?

Gluten-Free Tamales

While it may be tempting to grab the nearest tamales off the shelf, you need to be vigilant when buying any foods that may contain gluten.

Ranch Dressing – Does It Contain Gluten?

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Tamales are usually gluten-free, although always be sure to check the ingredients. 

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