Heavenly White Chocolate Chip Gluten Free Cookies Recipe


Today, we’re going to be answering the question: are white chocolate chips gluten free? And taking a look at the best gluten-free white chocolate chip brands.

Are White Chocolate Chips Gluten Free?

The answer is most of the time. It’s important to always check the ingredients labels as every brand is different, but most white chocolate chips are considered gluten-free.

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Each cup of white chocolate chips contains the following nutritional value: • Calories: 906 • Fat: 54g • Cholesterol: 35mg • Sodium: 150mg • Carbs: 100g • Dietary Fiber: 0.3g • Sugars: 99g • Protein: 9.9g

Nutritional Value Of White Chocolate Chips

• Lily’s Baking Chips. They offer a range of flavors, including White Chocolate Chip Style Baking Chips. • Pascha Chocolate Chips. Pascha has a few varieties of chocolate chips, including White Chocolate.

Gluten Free White Chocolate Chip Brands


I hope this article has helped to answer the question: are white chocolate chips gluten-free? And also gives you an idea of the best brands to opt for when it comes to shopping for gluten-free white chocolate chips. 

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