Granola Bar Brands With No Gluten


Today, we’re going to be looking at the best gluten-free granola bar brands. Gluten-free snack bars can be quite tricky to find, so we’re going to be looking at an extensive list today

What Are Granola Bars?

You may already be familiar with granola bars, but if you’re not, they’re essentially granola and honey (or another sweet syrup). They are then pressed and baked into the shape of a bar – and the granola bar is born! 

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Typical ingredients in granola bars are: – Oat – Dried Fruit – Honey – Nut – Seed – Chocolate Chip – Coconut – Micronutrient

Ingredients In Granola Bars

Typically, granola bars are NOT gluten-free. Unless they specifically carry a gluten-free label or make gluten-free claims – it’s highly likely they’ll contain gluten. 

Are Granola Bars Gluten-Free?

What Granola Bars Are Gluten-Free?

88 Acres - gluten-free granola bars and protein bars. Bobo’s - gluten-free snack bar brands available.

Don’t Go Nuts - for those who are living a nut-free lifestyle. Enjoy Life - known for being allergen-free and catering to a range of dietary lifestyles.

FreeYumm - allergen-friendly brand that does not contain any gluten ingredients.  Go Raw - are perfect as a replacement no gluten granola bar. 

It’s becoming much more common to find gluten-free snack bars in grocery stores, so be sure to keep an eye out, as that’ll save you shipping costs!

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