Gluten Tolerance Levels For Underactive Thyroid


Today we’re going to be taking a look at underactive thyroid and gluten intolerance. There is no doubt that there is a gluten thyroid connection.  

What Is Underactive Thyroid?

Symptoms may develop gradually and include: – tiredness  weight gain  constipation  muscle pains  weakness  changes to periods You can be tested for thyroid by having a simple blood test.

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Hashimoto’s - is a disease that attacks the thyroid gland. This can result in hypothyroidism. Surprisingly, gluten’s structure is very similar to the tissue of thyroid. 

Celiac Disease and Hypothyroidism

Here’s some foods to avoid if this is all new to you. – Bread – Cereal – Cake – Pasta – Pie – Gravie

Gluten-Free Diet for Thyroid

Living With Thyroid/Celiac Disease

There is a lot of evidence to prove the links between thyroid conditions and gluten. And the best course of action when receiving a hypothyroidism diagnosis is to opt for the gluten-free diet. 

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