Does Soda Contain Any Gluten?


When you first receive your diagnosis, you’ll likely feel completely overwhelmed when checking which products you can eat.

Do Sodas Have Gluten?

This may surprise you, but yes – some sodas do contain gluten. You’ll find gluten in places you probably wouldn’t even expect to check; I know I didn’t.

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Good news! Diet coke is gluten-free. According to Coca-Cola, their diet coke contains less than 20ppm of gluten, which means that it is considered gluten-free.

Is Diet Coke Gluten-Free?

Many leading brands and varieties of soda are gluten-free. And although it’s rare in the US, many off-brand sodas use caramel coloring which is derived from barley or wheat.

Gluten-Free Soda

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola is probably the most popular soda brand you’ll come across. And thankfully, on their list of products containing less than 20ppm of gluten, there’s a wide selection.

Ranch Dressing – Does It Contain Gluten?

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Whilst there are a plethora of options available for us in terms of leading brands, off-brand sodas are completely different. Many do contain barley.

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