Does Maruchan Ramen Noodles Contain Gluten?


Today we’re going to answering the question: are Maruchan ramen noodles gluten-free? But first, we must take a look at what ramen noodles are and whether they’re gluten-free.

What Is Ramen?

There’s a range of broths that may be used in ramen. – Miso – opaque and very savory  Shio – clear, light, pale, and salty  Shoyu – sweet, salty, and made with soy sauce  Tonkotsu – less common and made by boiling pork bone

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Unfortunately, ramen is full of gluten. The main ingredient in the noodles themselves is wheat flour.

Does Ramen Have Gluten?

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a quick noodle fix – Maruchan products are not gluten-free. All of their products are made using wheat flour, so, therefore, contain gluten.

Maruchan Ramen Noodles – Are They Suitable?

Gluten-Free Alternatives

- Thai Kitchen - Ocean’s Halo - Lotus Foods - Miracle Noodle - Fresh Ramen Noodles – Whole Foods

Ranch Dressing – Does It Contain Gluten?

Balsamic  Vinaigrette

Ready For Ramen!

Maruchan Ramen Noodles aren’t gluten-free – there are so many alternatives out there for us. 

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