Does Maltodextrin Contain Any Gluten?


Today we’re going to be answering the question: is maltodextrin gluten-free? And does maltodextrin have gluten in it?

What Is Maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin comes from plants. Despite this, it’s a highly processed white powder. This powder is usually made from corn, rice, potato starch, or wheat.

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As you can see, you’ll find maltodextrin in a wide range of products. The name itself may trigger alarm bells in your mind. It contains the word malt which makes it seem as though it should contain malt itself.

Is There Gluten In Maltodextrin?

Although maltodextrin is gluten-free and safe for many of us, it can cause problems for some. Usually, those having to follow a gluten-free diet.

Maltodextrin Allergy/Intolerance

Dangers Of Maltodextrin

Although there are several downsides, it’s usually in the tastiest foods! So as long as you don’t have a severe allergic reaction to maltodextrin – you should definitely treat yourself! I certainly do.

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Balsamic  Vinaigrette

Looking Forward

To conclude, maltodextrin is almost always gluten-free and safe for us to consume.

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