Answering The Question If Pupusas Is Gluten Free 


Today, we’re going to be answering the question: are pupusas gluten-free? And looking at gluten-free recipes to follow if you’re craving pupusas. 

What Are Pupusas?

Pupusas are the national dish of El Salvador. It’s very popular in El Salvador and Honduras. A pupusa is essentially a small, round corncake, and it’s a thick flatbread-style cake made from cornmeal or rice flour – and utterly delicious. 

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For the filling, the ingredients can vary. However, the ingredients for the corncake itself usually consists of the following: – Cornmeal (Masa Harina – white or yellow) – Water – Salt – Butter

Ingredients In Pupusas

If you’re a fan of pupusas – we have some good news! Naturally, they are completely gluten-free. However, some may contain gluten depending on where they’re made and the filling used.

Are Pupusas Gluten-Free?

Gluten-Free Pupusas

If you’re looking to buy ready-made pupusas – look no further! While there may not be many options available, one brand goes above and beyond with gluten-free pupusas!

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