What Foods  Has  Maltodextrin  in them?


Today, we’re going to be looking at what foods contain maltodextrin, and whether it’s suitable to eat when following a gluten-free lifestyle. 

What Is Maltodextrin?

To look at, maltodextrin is a white powdery substance. It’s an additive you’ll often see in highly processed foods. It’s made from plants and is usually used as a thickener in foods.

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As a gluten-free individual, you’ll see the word “malt” and see that it sometimes contains “wheat”, and assume it’s a no-go. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Is Maltodextrin Gluten-Free?

Baked goods Salad dressings Soups Gravies Cereals Rice Pasta Frozen meals Candy Energy drinks Protein powders

Maltodextrin In Foods

Maltodextrin is in a whole host of foods but is usually gluten-free and safe to consume. Ingredients are usually really extensive now and will label any warning signs for us. 

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