Gluten Free Ritz Crackers Substitutes


Today, we’re going to be answering the question: do Ritz crackers have gluten? And looking at some of the top alternatives to Ritz crackers. Most people are familiar with circular, crunchy snacks.

Are Ritz Crackers Gluten-Free?

As you can see from the ingredients Ritz Original Crackers are not gluten-free. Wheat and barley are ingredients that should be avoided when following a gluten-free diet.

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But worry not! If you’re looking for gluten-free alternatives to Ritz crackers, there are a range of options you can try. While some are more like a traditional cracker, there’s also some that taste similar to Ritz crackers themselves.

Gluten-Free Crackers

Crunchmaster has a huge selection of products and all of their products are certified gluten-free. This means that each product goes through vigorous testing and must meet strict guidelines set by the FDA before it hits the shelves.


Glutino Table Crackers

Glutino is an incredible gluten-free brand, which is home to many gluten-free products. One of those being table crackers. While they may be a different shape from Ritz biscuits

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I hope this article has helped to answer the question: do Ritz crackers have gluten? And helped you become more familiar with the plethora of gluten-free cracker options that there are out there.

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