Gluten  Free Alternatives For  Bulgur


Today we’re going to be looking at what bulgur is, whether it’s gluten-free and the different bulgur gluten-free substitutes on offer. 

What Is Bulgur?

Bulgur, or perhaps better known as bulgur wheat, is a type of cereal grain that comes from several different varieties of wheat. It’s most often seen in Middle Eastern cuisine. 

Terrain Map

Let’s take a look at what you can use bulgur for. As it’s similar to rice and couscous, it’s main use is as a side dish. – pilaf – soup – baked good – cereal – salad 

Uses Of Bulgur

Is Bulgur Gluten-Free?

Bulgur is not safe when following a gluten-free lifestyle. Bulgur is a type of cereal grain and like all other cereal grains, contains gluten. 

-Quinoa -Buckwheat -Amaranth  -Millet

Gluten-Free Bulgur Substitutions

It can feel overwhelming trying so many new grains, but as long as you stay away from cereal grains – you should be okay.

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