Do Grits Have Gluten? (& GF Recipe)


Today, we’re going to be answering the question: do grits have gluten? And taking a look at the best gluten-free grits brands and a gluten-free grits recipe you may like to try yourself. 

What Are Grits?

It’s actually a delicious and creamy dish. It’s most often eaten at breakfast, but adding cheese to this dish means it can be served with virtually any meal. 

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Quakers Grits contains the following ingredients: • Specially processed Degerminated white corn grits • Salt • Calcium Carbonate • Reduced iron • Niacin • bht and citric acid

Ingredients In Grits

Grits are naturally gluten-free. This is because they’re made using corn, which is a gluten-free grain. However, when it comes to grits, there’s a huge risk of cross-contact.

Are Grits Gluten Free?

Grits Gluten Free Brands

The following brands are safe: • Arrowhead Mills • Bob’s Red Mill (Bob’s Red Mill is always my go-to choice!) • Julia’s Pantry • Medford Farms

Ranch Dressing – Does It Contain Gluten?

Balsamic  Vinaigrette


I hope this post has helped to answer the question: do grits have gluten? And give you an insight into how to make your own gluten-free grits at home.

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