Rashes For Auto Immune Disease 


Today, we’re going to be looking at autoimmune disease rashes. There are many autoimmune conditions that can leave a rash on your skin. Ranging from mild rashes, to more severe.

What Is An Autoimmune Condition?

A functioning immune system will fight off any infections or diseases that may try to attack your body. However, when you have an autoimmune disease, your body will attack the healthy cells within your body.

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The more common conditions that leave rashes and hives are as follows: – Celiac Disease – Lupu – Eczema – Psoriasi – Dermatomyositi – Hypothyroidism

What Autoimmune Conditions Can Cause Rashes/Hives?

Rashes can be caused by a range of factors. This includes inflammation to skin cells, genetics, and environmental factors. We’ll be taking a look at the causes in more detail later.

Why Do Autoimmune Disease Cause Rashes?

What Can The Rashes Look Like?

Depending on the rash and it’s causes, they can look very different. For example, psoriasis can leave a scaly, itchy rash on your skin. Whereas dermatomyositis can cause a red or purple rash.

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