Are Spring Rolls Gluten Free?


Spring rolls have always been one of my go-to foods when ordering Chinese takeout. Dip them in a chili sauce and they are absolutely delicious. However, are spring rolls gluten-free?

What Are Spring Rolls?

Spring rolls are light, crispy, and tender. You can fill them with absolutely anything. They’re usually an appetizer and often found in East Asian cuisine.

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Most traditional spring rolls are made using rice paper. However, as wheat is usually far more accessible and inexpensive in the Western world, you’ll find that most options available are not gluten-free

Are They Suitable For A Gluten-Free Lifestyle?

Rice paper (or sometimes known as a spring roll wrapper!) is a great alternative for us. It does not contain any gluten ingredients whatsoever! Almost all rice paper is completely gluten-free

Does Rice Paper Have Gluten?

Gluten-Free Spring Rolls

If like me, you’re wanting to buy them with minimal effort, here’s some great suggestions to fill your spring roll craving.

Ranch Dressing – Does It Contain Gluten?

Balsamic  Vinaigrette

The Future Of Spring Rolls

We can hope that the future holds plenty more gluten-free options appearing. It’s frustrating when they can so easily be made gluten-free with rice paper.

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