Is Lindt White Chocolate Gluten Free?

Lindt is the world’s leading producer of chocolates and pastries. They are known for their exceptional quality, but they have recently announced a new product that will be released in 2019- Lindt Gluten Free White Chocolate. This may seem like an easy question to answer with one word, “Yes,” but there is more than meets the eye here. It has been reported that white chocolate contains gluten because it does not undergo sufficient processing to remove gluten from the ingredients used during production. Furthermore, some people who are on strict diets or celiacs may avoid products containing white chocolate altogether due to this reason.,

The “Lindt chocolate gluten free list” is a list of all Lindt chocolates that are certified to be gluten-free. Read more in detail here: lindt chocolate gluten free list.

Is Lindt White Chocolate Gluten Free? Yes, it is. Reference: gluten free chocolate.

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