Is BBQ Sauce Gluten-Free? Get BBQ Ready!

Last Updated on June 24, 2021

It’s the best time of year, and BBQ season is officially here! It’s time to light that grill, throw on some meat – and bring out the sauces. Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the best gluten-free BBQ sauce options this summer has to offer. Whether you like homemade, or shop-bought; let the BBQ-ing begin! 

Is There Gluten in BBQ Sauce?

Since being diagnosed, I’ve found condiments one of the most tricky foods to navigate. Supermarkets have so many to offer nowadays, but many of them do contain gluten. It can feel limiting, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Let us take a look at BBQ sauce – and it’s gluten-free alternatives.

So, which ingredients should you be looking out for when browsing the shelves? The main gluten-containing products in BBQ sauce are malt vinegar (a gluten-containing grain), and Worcestershire sauce (often contains soy sauce and wheat-based). It’s important to remember that there are many kinds of vinegar that are suitable for us, such as wine vinegar and cider vinegar – they make great replacements! 

As for Worcestershire sauce, there are plenty of amazing gluten-free options on offer; and there’s a wide selection of the best brands on offer here. Very few Worcestershire sauces are naturally gluten-free which is important to bear in mind when browsing.

Sometimes flour is used as a thickener for sauces, which is also something to keep an eye out for. If it contains BROWS (Barley, Rye, Oats, Wheat, Spelt) – it’s a no-go for us. But varieties like rice and almond flour are perfect!

gluten free bbq sauce

Looking to Make Your Own Sauce?

If you prefer keeping yourself busy in the kitchen, I’ve found an easy-to-follow Gluten-Free BBQ sauce recipe by the amazing Becky Excell. Her Ultimate Gluten-Free BBQ Dipping Sauce contains just FOUR ingredients and is ready to eat in just ten minutes. All you need is ketchup, cider vinegar, honey, and GF Worcestershire sauce – then you’re good to go. I think even a novice in the kitchen like me could handle that!

Prefer Ready Made?

If, like me, you’re utterly hopeless in the kitchen, or you just prefer your condiments ready-made – there are some delicious gluten-free options readily available. My personal favorite is definitely the Jack Daniels Original BBQ sauce – pop a few sesame seeds in, and you’ve made your own TGI Fridays from the comfort of your home! I also would highly recommend Sauce Shop Co as many of their condiments are gluten-free. The Cherry Bourbon BBQ sauce they offer is absolutely delicious. Here’s an extensive list of some of the best brands out there for all your gluten-free needs.

Get BBQ Ready!

So strap yourself in for summer, and get dipping! If you’re newly diagnosed, it can be daunting so if you have any questions, or have your own gluten-free BBQ sauce recommendations, please let us know. I’ll be dipping into Jack Daniels Original this year, what will you be dipping into?

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