Gluten Free Bread Brands At Walmart

Last Updated on July 14, 2021

When you walk into a grocery store, there will usually be an aisle full of fresh bread. The smell is almost mouthwatering and was always my favorite part of going shopping. I’d walk around nibbling the end a baguette as I just couldn’t resist. Then the diagnosis came. The bread was, of course, an absolute no-go. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t options available! Even in the two years since my diagnosis, the bread options for us have come on in leaps and bounds.  Today we’re going to be taking a look at whether Walmart sells gluten-free bread, and if so – what gluten-free bread brands at Walmart are available.

Does Walmart Sell Gluten-Free Bread?

The answer to this question is simple – of course! Walmart is actually one of the best supermarkets to visit for easily accessible gluten-free options. They stock a wide range of products – and not just bread. Cakes, cookies, treats, crackers, pasta – they usually have a wide variation and there’s usually a section dedicated just to gluten-free products to make it easier for us to shop. That isn’t to say there aren’t hidden naturally gluten-free products dotted around the store, so it’s always best to check. Especially as gluten-free options are often much more expensive than their gluten-containing alternatives. I know, frustrating, isn’t it?

Gluten-Free Bread Brands At Walmart

Wheat Free Bread at Walmart is widely available, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular brands they stock and what they have to offer.


Udi’s is usually stocked well in any Walmart you may visit. They offer a wide range of bread at a fairly reasonable price. For example, they have the traditional soft white sandwich bread, a wholegrain sandwich bread, a multigrain sandwich bread, cinnamon bread, classic hot dog buns, seeded dinner rolls – and so much more. Udi’s comes frozen and is often found with a whole host of other tasty Udi’s treats!

You can browse the selection here. Most of their bread is rated highly and well-recommended by fellow gluten-intolerant individuals.

udis gluten free1


Schar is always my brand of choice. I’ve yet to try anything from Schar that I’ve not been fully satisfied with. Sometimes gluten-free bread can be crumbly and falls apart whenever you try to butter it. That’s definitely not the case with any I’ve tried. Warm one of the baguettes in the oven and spread a little butter over the top – it’s absolute heaven!

Schar are always bringing out new varieties and it would definitely take a while to list everything available. But some of their most popular alternatives include sandwich rolls, artisan baker white bread, ciabatta rolls, seeded bread, hamburger buns, and my personal favorite, the baguette. You can find more of the Schar range here.

schar gluten free

Canyon Bakehouse

Whilst their selection may not be as large as other brands, they sure do offer some delicious flavors. Along with the usual white sandwich bread, ancient grain, 7-grain, and burger buns – they also offer Hawaiian Sweet Bread. It’s tropical and sweet – what more could you possibly ask for?! It’s one of their most highly-rated products and is perfect for making French toast. Many reviews claim it’s the closest thing to gluten-containing bread that they’ve tried!

canyon bakehouse gluten free


I’ve spoken about Katz often in my posts and that’s because they’re just so damn versatile. One of the things I love most about Katz bread is they have gluten-free, egg-free bread. I can’t tolerate a lot of eggs (and I know that’s quite common in gluten-intolerant individuals!), so this is a great alternative. They also offer sesame rolls, challah bread, lemon poppy rolls; as well as the much-loved favorites. Katz also has bread mixes and breadcrumbs available on the Walmart website – so that’s certainly worth a look.

katz gluten free

Other Brands Available 

Franz, BFree, and Mrs. Hewitt’s are other brands that are also worth a mention, as they’re often stocked in Walmart. BFree have some wild and wacky wraps too – the sweet potato ones are absolutely delicious! A personal lunchtime favorite of mine.

Where To Buy Gluten-Free Bread

Nowadays, it’s relatively easy to purchase gluten-free bread. Walmart is absolutely one of the most accessible places. However, most grocery stores, and even convenience stores, now stock gluten-free bread. If you prefer to shop online, there’s lots of choices too. Some other brands you might like to consider are:

or you could simply buy a mix, and make your own! Many of the brands listed above in this article provide gluten-free bread mixes that are just as simple as adding water. Or of course, you could make it from scratch – but we’ll save that for another article!

It’s also worth mentioning – shop local if you can! Especially at the moment. Small businesses need all the help you can get. And often, the fresher it is; the tastier it is!

Looking Forward

Bread is certainly a staple gluten-free food that has taken a long time to perfect. And one that feels impossible to go without! If you’re newly diagnosed, it’s definitely worth buying a selection of different brands and flavors to find what suits you. I worked my way through a range of options before settling on my favorites – and that’s okay!

It is frustrating that it’s often more expensive than gluten-containing bread and irritating that we often feel “lucky” to have a handful of options available when there are often hundreds to choose from for people that can tolerate gluten. But the main thing is, we’re moving forward and new alternatives are being made all the time!

What’s your gluten-free bread of choice? Are they any brands you’d recommend and now can’t live without? Please share your favorites in the comments below, even if we’ve taken a look at them in this article. If you can think of any more, I would love to hear them. My go-to brands are Schar and BFree!

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