Do Frosted Flakes Have Gluten?

Last Updated on March 31, 2022

Today, we’re going to be answering the question: do frosted flakes have gluten? And taking a look at the best-frosted gluten-free cereal to buy, when following a gluten-free diet. We’ll even be looking at how to make your own gluten-free frosted cereal.

What Are Frosted Flakes?

You’ll likely already be familiar with frosted flakes, but if you’re not, frosted flakes are a popular cereal made famous by Kellogg’s. Frosted flakes have become a breakfast staple, and they are essentially corn flakes coated in sugar. They had once named sugar frosted flakes, but they dropped the word “sugar” in 1983. There are many other brands of frosted cereal, but frosted flakes are without a doubt, the most popular.

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Ingredients In Frosted Flakes

The ingredients in Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes are:

  • milled corn
  • sugar
  • malt flavoring
  • salt
  • BHT for freshness
  • Iron
  • vitamin C
  • niacinamide
  • vitamin b6
  • vitamin b2
  • vitamin A palmitate
  • folic acid
  • vitamin D
  • vitamin B12

Gluten Free Frosted Cereal Brands

While Frosted Flakes are not gluten-free, you definitely don’t need to go without them! There are a few choices to try if you’re looking for the perfect sugar-coated cereal. Let’s take a look at our top picks.

Nature’s Path

If you’re looking for cereal as closely matched as possible, Nature’s Path is the best choice. Their Envirokidz Organic Amazon Frosted Flakes are absolutely delicious. What’s great about this cereal is that it has just 3 ingredients! The only ingredients in this product are corn meal, cane sugar, and sea salt.

As well as being certified gluten-free (as safe as a product can be), they’re also organic, vegan, and non-GMO; meaning they’re suitable for a range of dietary lifestyles. You can pick them up for around $4.99 per box, or 10% cheaper if you buy via a subscription here.


While they may be a different shape to flakes, they are easily accessible and a brand that you’re likely familiar with. Frosted Cheerios are completely gluten-free! However, instead of being made with corn, these cheerios are made with gluten-free oats.

It’s common for celiacs/gluten intolerants to also suffer from an oat intolerance (even gluten-free oats), so be sure to opt for another brand if you’re like me!

These Cheerios are full of vitamins and minerals and are a great source of calcium and iron. You can pick them up from most stores for around $3.


While the Kashi Organic Corn Flakes (Indigo Morning) aren’t frosted, they are in the shape of flakes – and you can easily add some sugar to your cereal if you like your start to the morning sweeter. They are made from corn, and also have some delicious fruits too; including blackberries and blueberries.

What’s great about this cereal from Kellogg’s cereal, is that not only is it gluten-free, but also non-GMO, organic, and vegan; meaning lots of people can enjoy this breakfast dish. You can often find it in stores for around $4-5.

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Gluten Free Frosted Cereal Recipe

If you’re unable to find any of the gluten-free brands above, you can always try making your own. And it’s much easier than you may think! Let’s take a look at this Frosted Flakes recipe from Gnom Gnom. The best part is, it’s not just gluten-free, it’s also keto and paleo-friendly too!


The ingredients you’ll need for this recipe are:

  • 70g of butter
  • 190g of almond flour
  • 2 tablespoons of golden erythritol
  • 1/2 teaspoon of xanthan gum
  • 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 egg


To make this simple breakfast cereal, all you need to do is:

  1. In a bowl, melt butter in a microwave. Allow to cool
  2. Add the flour, golden erythritol, xanthan gum, baking powder, and salt to a bowl and mix well. Pour the cooled melted butter and mix well. Add the egg and knead with your hands until you have a dough. Cover in film and freeze for 5-10 minutes
  3. Divide dough into 10 pieces. Grab two pieces of parchment paper and roll the dough out between the sheets. Ensure it’s thin – they will expand
  4. Use a little extra golden erythritol to sprinkle over the top and bake for around 10 minutes. Take them out when lightly golden (this may take slightly less or slightly longer depending on size).
  5. Store in an airtight container. The flakes will be okay for around 5 days
  6. Serve with milk and fruit of your choice


I hope this has helped to answer the question: do frosted flakes have gluten? And give you an idea of where to buy the best gluten-free frosted cereal. There are plenty of options, and our choices seem to be growing all the time – which is great news for us. If you find a corn flakes brand that you enjoy, but they aren’t frosted, just add your own sugar. It definitely tastes just as good!

Do you know of any other gluten-free cereal brands? Or have your own gluten-free recipe you’d like to share? If so, please let me know in the comments below. Sharing is caring!

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Are Frosted Flakes Gluten Free?

Taking a look at the ingredients, you'll likely think that frosted flakes contain no gluten. However, that is not the case. The "malt flavoring" in the ingredients is derived from barley. Barley is a gluten grain and must be avoided when following a gluten free diet.

Can Celiacs Eat Frosted Flakes?

Unfortunately not. Frosted Flakes contain gluten, as one of the ingredients, "malt flavoring", is derived from barley. Because of this, it is not safe to eat them if you have celiac disease, or are gluten intolerant. 

Is There a Gluten-Free Version of Frosted Flakes?

Absolutely! Luckily for us, there are gluten free versions of almost everything nowadays. As the diagnosis process is much easier now, there are many more people receiving a diagnosis - which means more demand for everyday products - like gluten free cereal! We'll be taking a look at the best gluten free brands in this article. Without a doubt, Nature's Path are the best brand for an almost identical tasting match for Kellogg's cereal.