Gluten Free Lotion List: Top 5

Gluten Free Lotion List Top 5

Today, we’re going to be making a top gluten-free lotion list. We’ll be answering the burning question of whether you really need to use gluten-free lotion and what the top brands available are. There’s only a very small percentage of gluten-free lotions on the market, but from gluten-free hand lotion to gluten-free body lotion – … Read more

High Calorie Gluten Free Foods

High Calorie Gluten Free Foods

Today we’re going to be looking at high-calorie gluten-free foods and how to gain weight with celiac disease. When you receive your diagnosis, you may have lost a considerable amount of weight and be looking to gain some of that weight back. There are plenty of nutritious, high-calorie foods to help aid gluten-free weight gain. … Read more

Does Indian Food Have Gluten?

Does Indian Food Have Gluten

Today we’re going to be taking answering the question: does Indian food have gluten? And compiling a gluten-free Indian food list to make life easier for you, whenever you’re craving a curry. I remember getting my diagnosis and feeling as though I would never be able to get takeout or eat in a restaurant again. … Read more

Is Yeast Extract Gluten Free?

Is Yeast Extract Gluten Free

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the different types of yeast available and answering the question: is yeast extract gluten-free? Yeast and yeast extract are not the same thing and we’ll be taking a look at their differences, and which ones are gluten-free in this article. What Is Yeast? And Is Yeast Gluten-Free? … Read more

Is Malt Flavor Gluten Free?

Is Malt Flavor Gluten Free

Today we’re going to be taking a look at malt and what it is. The most important questions we’ll be answering are, is malt flavor gluten-free and does malt flavor have gluten? Those two questions may seem the same – but the answers aren’t quite the same! We’ll be exploring that more later. There’s a … Read more

Celiac Disease Service Dogs

Celiac Disease Service Dogs

Dogs have always been described as a man’s best friend. They’re loyal, lovable, and easy trainable. Most of us are familiar with police sniffer dogs and guide dogs – but what about Celiac disease service dogs? Dogs can help with a range of diseases and illnesses, from mild to severe. From asthma to diabetes, cerebral … Read more

Does Phyllo Dough Have Gluten?

Does Phyllo Dough Have Gluten

Today we’re going to be looking at phyllo (often referred to as filo) dough. What is phyllo? What is it made from? And does phyllo dough have gluten? What Is It? There are many different types of pastry. The two most common being puff pastry and filo (phyllo) pastry. Puff pastry is much more fluffy … Read more

Can Celiac Disease Cause Weight Gain?

Can Celiac Disease Cause Weight Gain

Today, we’re going to be looking at being diagnosed with celiac disease, and if celiac disease can cause weight gain? The simple answer is yes, but there are many layers to unravel. Let’s first talk about what the disease is. The NHS states that, “Coeliac disease is a condition where your immune system attacks your … Read more