Are Brats Gluten Free? (& GF Sausage List)

Last Updated on April 27, 2022

Today, we’re going to be answering the question: are brats gluten free? And taking a look at the best gluten-free brats brands, as well as the best gluten-free sausage brands. With summer fast approaching, it’s likely you’ll be wanting to enjoy some brats or sausages (I know I certainly will). But are brats gluten-free? And which brands of sausages are safe for those following a gluten-free diet? Let’s take a closer look.

What Are Brats?

Brats is simply a shortened term for bratwurst. Bratwurst is a German type of sausage, which is very similar to the “regular” sausages we know and love. Bratwurst is actually a type of link sausage that’s usually seasoned with spices like ginger and is usually made from pork; although it can also be made from veal or beef.

What Are Brats

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Ingredients In Brats

The ingredients in brats can vary massively, depending on where you purchase them, and the brand you’re buying. Typically, the ingredients in brats are:

  • meat (pork, beef, or veal)
  • salt
  • white pepper
  • nutmeg
  • lemon peel
  • garlic
  • caraway

Nutritional Information Of Brats

You may be curious to know the nutritional value of a bratwurst. Each German sausage usually contains the following:

  • Calories: 196
  • Fat: 17g
  • Saturated: 4g
  • Cholesterol: 51.5mg
  • Sodium: 560mg
  • Potassium: 185mg
  • Carbs: 1.3g
  • Protein: 8g

Are Brats Gluten Free?

Typically, brats and bratwurst sausage are considered gluten-free. However, it all depends on the flavorings and seasonings that have been added. Whether it appears as though the brats are gluten-free or not, it’s always best to check, as ingredients are subject to change at any given time.

While not all brats will be gluten-free, it’s super easy to find gluten-free options.

Gluten Free Brats

When it comes to gluten-free brats, there is one brand that immediately springs to mind, and they have a huge selection of gluten-free options: Johnsonville. Johnsonville states on their website that besides “our meatballs, fresh and smoked beer brats and Teriyaki flame-grilled chicken”, everything else is gluten-free.

Their gluten-free options include:

  • original brats
  • hatch green chile links
  • firecracker brats
  • queso with pepper Jack cheese brats
  • blackened cajun and cheddar
  • sweet and spicy bbq
  • cheddar brats
  • jalapeno and cheddar brats
  • Irish O’Garlic links
  • hot ‘n’ spicy brats
  • grilling chorizo
  • cheddar cheese and bacon sausage

You can find their full range of brats here.

Gluten Free Sausage Brands

There are plenty of gluten-free sausage brands. It’s always opt for brands that carry a gluten-free label where possible. The brands we’ll be taking a look at today all carry a gluten-free label or are certified gluten-free. While most unflavored sausages do not contain gluten, it’s always best to opt for gluten-free, so you can be sure it’s not at risk of being a victim of cross-contact.


If you’re looking for sausages that are slightly more exciting, I would highly recommend Aidells. They offer breakfast sausage patties, as well as dinner chicken sausages. All of their sausage products are currently gluten-free – although always be best to check for the most up-to-date ingredients.

Their current gluten-free sausages include:

  • artichoke and garlic
  • bacon, mushroom, and swiss cheese
  • cajun style andouille
  • chicken and apple
  • chorizo
  • habanero and green chile
  • habanero with pepper Jack cheese
  • Italian style with mozzarella cheese
  • mango
  • organic cajun style andouille
  • organic chicken and apple
  • spinach and feta (organic)
  • pineapple and bacon
  • portobello and swiss cheese
  • roasted garlic and gruyere cheese
  • spicy mango with jalapeno
  • spinach and feta

Applegate Farms

Applegate Farms is a well-known brand and all of its sausages are gluten-free. Although, it’s worth mentioning that some of their other products contain gluten, so always check before making any purchases.

Wellshire Farms

Wellshire Farms is well known for its allergen-friendly foods and its all-natural meats. Their sausages are considered gluten-free. And what’s great about Wellshire Farms is that they have an allergens search which enables you to mark off which allergies you have and lists which products of theirs you can enjoy. It’s super easy to use and really helpful; I wish other companies took note of this!


I hope this post has helped to answer the question: are brats gluten-free? While sausages can contain gluten, it’s easy to find gluten-free sausages. Something I’ve found is that the better quality the meat, the less chance there is of them containing gluten. They’re usually slightly more expensive, but they definitely taste better!

Do you know of any other brats or sausage brands that didn’t make the list today? Also, if you know of any gluten-free beer brats, I would love to know. If so, please feel free to let me know in the comments below. Sharing is caring!

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Which Brats are Gluten-Free?

Johnsonville are without a doubt, the most popular brats brand within the US. Besides their beer brats, all of their brats are considered gluten free - and even carry a gluten free label. Whether you're looking for a traditional brat, or something a little more adventurous like sweet and spicy BBQ, there's a huge selection of options available. 

Are Brats Cooked in Beer Gluten-Free?

No. Unless brats are cooked in gluten free beer, they will not be gluten free. For example, Johnsonville have a range of beer brats available, all of which are not suitable for those following a gluten free lifestyle. If this is something you're looking for, it may be best to try making your own at home with gluten free beer of your choice.

Can Celiacs Eat Sausages?

Of course! There are plenty of sausages available that carry a gluten free label. However, there are a few brands that use wheat as an ingredient, as well as flavoring with gluten containing products. As long as you're checking ingredients labels, it's super easy to find sausages to enjoy whether you're celiac or gluten intolerant.