Are All Pretzels Gluten Free?

Last Updated on July 12, 2021

Today we’re going to be taking a look at whether all pretzels are gluten-free and some of the best gluten-free pretzels available. Pretzels are one of the world’s favorite snacks – and it’s not hard to see why. They’re salty and crunchy, and utterly delicious, but are all pretzels gluten-free?

Do Pretzels Have Gluten?

Like most tasty treats, pretzels do contain gluten. They’re usually made with wheat flour, which is a no-go for gluten-intolerant individuals. I know that wheat flour is the cheapest alternative but it’s really frustrating that something that could so easily be gluten-free, isn’t.

However, there aren’t many gluten-free alternatives that I can whole-heartedly say are better than their gluten-containing counterparts – but these certainly are! Gluten-free alternatives usually have different textures and different consistencies. With pretzels, I’ve found that our options are crunchier, salter, and even tastier!

It’s very rare that gluten eaters will look at our food with envy, but they certainly should with pretzels!

What Are Our Options?

As previously mentioned, pretzels are one of the alternatives that give us an abundance of options. I couldn’t possibly fit them all onto one post, so I’m going to round up the favorites. Quite a few of these also offer gluten-containing options, so please be sure to always check the label before purchasing. Which I’m sure is something we’re all used to doing anyway!

Snyder’s Gluten-Free Pretzels 

Snyder’s are a household favorite in the pretzel world. They offer gluten-containing and gluten-free. Many people will opt for the gluten-free option over the gluten-containing, as these really are so much tastier. Dark and glossy, with just the right amount of bite – Snyder’s is certainly a winner!

They offer a great range of flavors and varieties, to fulfill all your pretzel needs. Pretzel Rods, Cinnamon Brown Sugar Pieces, Pretzel Sticks, Mini Pretzels, Honey Mustard and Onion Sticks, and Hot Buffalo Wing Pieces. Take a look at the tasty variety pack they have to offer here.

They’re also widely available in grocery stores, in a range of shapes and sizes. They even offer a family-size bag, or as I like to refer to them – the size I like to eat alone whilst binging Netflix on a Friday night. They’re reasonably inexpensive and are made mainly from corn, potato, and tapioca starch.

Quinn Snacks 

Quinn Snacks are another brand that offers a wide range of options. They’re certified gluten-free and what I love most about this brand is their transparency. Their website is open and answers any questions you might have, such as where the products are made.

All of their pretzels are suitable for us – and they have a massive selection! Some of the flavors are a bit wacky for pretzels but it brings something new to the humble pretzel. From maple almond-filled pretzel nuggets to peanut-filled nuggets – your craving will definitely be satisfied. They also have more traditional flavors like salt sticks and sea salt twists. You can find their whole range here.

These pretzels are made from sorghum, which is a naturally gluten-free grain. They’re also full of vitamins and minerals and are a more sustainable option. Again, this option is relatively inexpensive and easily accessible.


Glutino was one of the first gluten-free brands you’d see popping up in your local grocery store and now they’re lining the shelves with a vast selection of gluten-free products. Pretzels being one of them! Whilst they don’t have a lot of flavors, they do have a good range of sizes – from snack packs to big pretzels. They do offer fudge and yogurt-covered pretzels though – yum!

I have seen that they’ve very recently changed their pretzel recipe and it doesn’t seem to be quite as good as their old one, which is such a shame. There’s a lot of talk that they may revert back to their original recipe, so we can keep our fingers crossed.

These treats are widely available and are made from corn and potato starch, and rice flour.

Snack Factory

Whilst their gluten-free range is relatively small and traditional, they do offer the Gluten-Free Everything Pretzel Crisps. They’re baked and are sprinkled with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion, garlic, and salt. Now if that’s not the perfect pretzel, I don’t know what is!

Again, this brand is relatively easy to purchase and the main ingredients are corn starch, potato starch, and rice flour.


These pretzels are slightly thicker than any we’ve looked at already, so if you like your pretzels thick – look no further! The traditional options are relatively easy to obtain but their extensive range seems more difficult. Even finding a list of them all online wasn’t easy! For a brand that has such a great variety, it’s a little frustrating.

They have coated pretzels, pretzel thins, pretzel sticks, pretzel sticks – in a vast range of flavors. In Christmas season, they even have white chocolate and peppermint-coated pretzels! I certainly need to get my hands on those this year.

They’re oven-baked, gluten-free, and vegan – the perfect pretzel. These pretzels are made with corn starch and soy and rice flour. This brand is one of the internet’s favorites and come highly recommended.

Good Health Pretzels

Whilst their selection is small, this option is great if you’re looking for a healthier alternative. No cholesterol, no hydrogenated oils, and no artificial flavors. They have some wacky “extra goodness” in them, in the form of spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, beets, shiitake mushrooms – but that’s what makes them extra healthy!

The Perfect Pretzel

I feel as though I’ve barely touched the surface on gluten-free alternatives – I could really be here all day. And these are just hard pretzels; we’re yet to take a look at soft!

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If there’s any I’ve not mentioned that you feel are worthy of the list, please let me know. And which is your favorite pretzel? With so many available, I think it’s almost impossible for me to choose!

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